During my last time, I’ve got 2 weeks before my SSM license expired. But the difference from another blog stories was. I need to activating my ebiz over the counter before I can renew ssm online. It felt just like a stupid person buat kerja 2 kali. Yeah I have to do it because I want to learn the whole process. By the way its once in a lifetime.

Its quite easy actually,

8.30am I sudah sampai itu SSM punya office. I know if I’m late for 2 more hours (10am). You can imagine their waiting room was like tesco hypermarket but for buying 2-3 sheets of paper only.

Selamat masa tu early morning takde orang sangat.

I just walk-in over the receptionist and I asked
“Good morning Incek, mana mau activate my thumbprint?”

“Owh… U sudah request onlinekan?”, she replied me.
“Yes yes..Saya sudah buat online few days back”.
“Ambil tiket giliran ni cik”.

I took the que ticket, within 5 minutes sitting at the hall, my lucky number went up.
I just hand over my I/C and ask to activate. In 15 seconds .. and the process done!
I’m not sembang kari to all of you guys. Memang sekejap sangat activation.

But how do I come here and take that short activation process
is the most important story that I want to share with.

Whether you are online savvy or orang tua, you must take the challenge.

We’re currently living in the age of “Internet of Things”. Your business can be managed by the palm of your hands. More opportunity come and passing by just a single scroll of the screen and be gone by another 2-3 seconds after snapping your thanos finger to shut off the phone screen.

Everything must do by online, easy, fast, time saving, petrol saving
traffic jam no more, no more parking saman, no more clamp tayar,
no more hitting others people car, and I promise you. There will
be no more crazy flying myvi messing with you around.

You might spend a little right here, but you have save cost a lot over there.

You got what I mean right. Now let me take you to the process that I’ve been through for registering inside ebiz ssm business platform.

Register as an EzBiz new user

Just go here ezbiz.ssm.com.my and hit the green “Sign Up” button llika as picture describe below. Its quite simple process. You can do it by using your phone.

renew ssm online 6(a)

source : ezbiz.ssm.com.my


After you hit the Sign Up button. You will get the picture as describe below

renew ssm online 6(b)

source : ezbiz.ssm.com.my

First time user must fill in this 3 box.

1. Identity type.
2. I/C Number without a dash sign (-).
3. Your full name.

Hit the “Register” button and you will prompted to the next screen as mentioned below.

renew ssm online 6(c)

source : ezbiz.ssm.com.my

Please prepare your a piece of paper or any small notebook. This was the hardest part.

1. Fill in you username
2. Fill in your password
3. Your valid email address

Please save this 3 important detail at proper place.

Then proceed to the next screen

renew ssm online 6(d)

source : ezbiz.ssm.com.my


Some of the box was already filled up four you automatically. It will help your registration process more easier and fast.
The asterisk (*) small red star sign will guide you until no box were left empty.

renew ssm online 6(e)

source : ezbiz.ssm.com.my


Finally you arrive at declaration part. Please tick that small box.
Click save and open your email that you use as registration above to receive some confirmation and further instruction from SSM.


If you lost your email address or forgotten your email passwords.
Its very hard for you to renew it by yourself.

We can help you renew ssm online here.