You can grab your business fast without picking any queuing tickets to make any renewal over the counter.

50% Service Charge Discount
Until 25th August 2019


Easy & Fast

Select “Years” and “option’ that you desire. Finally key-in your business information details.

Your SSM Expired?

Yes you still can renew it here. With some extra compounds (charges) from SSM.


Safe & Reliable.

100% Refundable if the renewal process not success. There’s no other way to maintain our quality services.

Once your completed your renewal detail, SSM Renewal Server will do verification and generate the renewal statement or check your email after 5-15 minutes and make sure your email address is valid to avoid any delays.

  1. Application received before 12.00 pm will be processed before 5.00 pm on the same day, application received after 12.00 pm will be processed before 12.00 pm on the next day.
  2. Application received on weekend such as Saturday, Sunday or public holiday will be processed before 12.00 pm on the next working day after the weekend or holidays.

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